Choral coaching

We all know that singing in a choir is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. But it’s also true that many choral-singers have had little or intermittent vocal training and that they often encounter problems that enthusiasm alone won’t easily overcome. Common anxieties exist around intonation and breath control, diction and accessing the higher and lower extremes of vocal range. Often individual singers are struggling with a feeling of hoarseness after rehearsals or concerts and consequently some of the joy goes out of what should be a fun activity.

I regularly helps choirs to find solutions to these problems. Because I’m a singer myself, with a busy teaching-practice, I recognise the symptoms readily. My own knowledge of the choral repertoire and a physiologically-informed approach to technique enable me to guide choral singers to find their best and safest sound.

Through day or evening workshops or longer courses of repeat visits, or simply by attending your regular rehearsal as a one-off to work on specific problems with your current repertoire, I can tailor an approach to suit your choir’s ability, availability and budget and leave you with warm-ups and exercises to work on afterwards.